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Our Online Tutoring Assessments Involve:



Reading (and re-reading problems) to make sure students understand the meaning of what is being asked.



Helping to interpret problems within students "own words" exactly what a question is asking in order to be solved or found. Determining what problems are asking. Helping students interpret what they already know and assist in explaining problems, writing out the information, facts and figures provided in a organized format.



Putting together a plan. Identify any formulas that may help solve problems. Often there are intermediate steps/answers that need to be completed in the process of formulating an answer.


Involving real world examples of problems. If a student is having a difficult time getting their mind around a problem, we try finding similar problems that help provide understanding, or that has already been worked out.



Implementing a “plan of action”. Once the student has a good grasp on what's being asked and what needs to be accomplished, a plan is established. A step by step plan showing  how work is done including  reasoning and logic, makes  answers clear and understandable. 











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