Team Leadership

Cassandra Mynatt, PhD

is the CEO and owner of Mynatt Integrated Group Solutions and has successfully directed MIGS strategic planning, administrative and management consulting, business development, resources, quality assurance and customer satisfaction. She brings over 15 years of experience in Public Health Management, integration of health equity strategies, health care policy development and quality control, marketing and health communication, and clinical research.

Dr. Mynatt earned her Masters in Public Health from The University of Alabama-Birmingham and her PhD from Walden University.


Orlando Mynatt, ASBC

brings over 20 years of experience in Accounting, Business Consultation and Financial Management. He is responsible for strategic planning, corporate and non-profit development, and financial growth. He works extensively in Business Development and Program Management and is an accredited business consultant. He earned a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Tennessee.

Director of Business Development & Financial Consulting

Financial Services

We provide professional service expertise in: Accounting, Audit and Financial Support, Bank Reconciliations, Business Plan development, Financial Analysis & Reporting, and more!

IT Services

MIGS provides a variety of computer related services including graphic and website design, internet publishing, broadcasting, web search portals, system integration, analysis and design, database architecture, data management, and computer facilities management services.

Tutoring & Online Courses

MIGS offers online tutoring and an array of short duration courses/seminars for management and professional development using dynamic learning methods. 

Our courses include: Educational Support, Executive Coaching, Grant writing, Financial Systems (QuickBooks), Health and Wellness (Stress Management), Technical Consulting and Workplace Leadership. 

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