Time Really Is Money!



Amazingly we are already in September! Before we all know, it will be time to file our 2017 income taxes. There are different tax forms that we file concerning our business financial results including:

  • Form 1040 (Schedule C, E, or F) (appropriate for single member LLCs)

  • Form 1065 (Partnership) (appropriate for multiple member LLCs)

  • Form 1120S (S Corporation)

  • Form 1120 (Corporation)

Each of these forms needs solid financial information available in order for our federal, state and local authorities to make correct assessments.

At Mynatt Integrated Group Solutions (MIGS), we are known as the “Turn Around Artists” because we bring “turn around” solutions to help meet your business needs.

We specialize in helping businesses set up and, if needed, “catch up” their financial events. This provides companies with many advantages such as appropriate tax deductions and firm account balances. There are tax software available that with proper financial reports pulled into the software (profit & loss, balance sheet, etc.), can prepare and e-file tax returns from the desk of your home office - saving time and money.

As the year continues to go by, it can become costly to bring financial records into order. With MIGS, the costs of our services are very reasonable, as low as $79.00 per month and we walk you through the processes step by step.

If you have not had a chance to get a good grasp of your 2017 financial records, or need to set up a proper financial system for your growing business (e.g., QuickBooks), we would love to talk to you. NOW is a good time to begin getting your records ready for 2018 tax filing!

Continued Success To You And God Bless,

Mynatt Integrated Group Solutions

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