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Stroke and Family Finances

MIGS promotes, targeting the problem and bringing the solution!

May is Stroke Awareness Month [,] and we support the American Heart/Stroke Association by bringing awareness to this preventable disease.

We provide integrated solutions in Financial services, IT support and Training & Development [FIT] to address problems as demonstrated in the following scenario:

A stroke, like any other major medical emergency, can have an enormous impact on family finances. Careful planning both before and after a stroke can help alleviate some of the pain inflicted on family finances.

Stroke & Family Finances

According to a recent AARP study, 47 percent of respondents who suffered a serious illness stated that this event wreaked the most havoc on family finances. Moreover, 75 percent said they felt “overwhelmed” about their finances after a serious illness/disability. And the impact on family finances for women is even more devastating: 46 percent of women (compared to 17 percent of men) said

that the death of a spouse had a very significant impact on their finances.

Issues and questions like the following will arise:

  • What will your new budget/spending plan look like?

  • How are bills going to be paid?

  • What benefits are you eligible for?

  • Will you still get paid?

  • Do you need to tap into retirement/insurance?

MIGS can help you answer these questions and more! We assist you with getting your financial books in order, taxes, accounting systems and set up processes to keep everyone in the know, bringing peace of mind for your family and business.

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