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Do You Have What It Takes?

Preparation for Entrepreneurship


Orlando Mynatt, ASBC®

Congratulations on your interest or opening of a new business! Successful entrepreneurs do not sit and wait for things to happen. They are always taking action, creating new opportunities, and looking for ways to remain significant and “visual” to prospective customers. They fully understand the importance of staying attentive to their environment and being swift to identify business opportunities.

We offer an Entrepreneurial series focusing on “foundational” elements important towards giving small business owners (new owners and those interested in starting a business) an avenue to improve and sustain their organizations. We challenge our clients to consider the following:

+ Accept Your Passion

It is not always best to go into business just to make money or promote products and

services. There are a lot of difficulties and challenges (and yes, thoughts of quitting).

In moments like these, it is the passion that you possess that will keep things moving


+ Understand The Risks

You never “really know” if a business is going to work or not until you take the plunge

and start it. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you will be consistently stepping

out of your comfort zone With knowledge you may not have, it is not safe to face your

obstacles recklessly. You should weigh your risks, determine the benefits, and most

importantly, put in measures to “minimize” the risks.

+ Look at “Challenges” as “Opportunities”

Successful Entrepreneurs understand that challenges are part of the day to day

routine. They constantly look for ways to overcome challenges and discover

opportunities to grow. The attitude you have towards obstacles will help determine

the success you have in business.

+ Be Vision Driven

It can be important to not act thoughtlessly or in a rush. Keep a vision of yourself

and your business. Know not only where you are going, but also what you are trying

to achieve. Have questions answered such as:

~ Why did I go into business in the first place?

~ Where do I see this business in 5 to 10 years?

Each and every day, things you do to operate your business should always be pointed

to your defined vision. When things get tough, your vision will help you prepare

and implement successful outcomes.

+ Promote Discipline

You will need focus and determination during days that you would rather be doing

things other than preserving and growing your business. Maintaining a consistent

amount of effort, energy, mental stamina, and drive as a business owner requires a

high level of discipline.

We look forward to assisting you with your venture and are excited to serve!


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